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Originally Posted by Roach_Infinity View Post
CGT80, the short answer is no, AMT 1911's are not comparable to automags and baby mags at all in terms of price. (In general.)

I didn't think so. The two gun smiths that my dad, grandfather, and I have been to, didn't seem too interested in working on the AMT 1911's. They looked at the sights and replaced screws and pins, but didn't seem interested in putting something better on them. My dads amt 1911 would dissassemble itself as you shot it. He repaired that the best that he could.

My grandfather has the 22 AMT. I don't think he used it much. I didn't ask for it yet since I have a ruger MkIII Hunter. I told him he should give it to my brother since he doesn't have a 22lr. I didn't realize it was worth 3x my ruger. Oh well, my bro should still have it as long as he takes great care of it.

My dad has a Hi Standard 22lr. I have heard that they are well liked, but I don't think they fetch the same kind of money.
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