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I'm Eric in South Sac. Have lived here about 3.5 years, moved up from San Jose. Before that, Chico & Oroville, where I had no problem getting a CCW permit. Anybody try the Sac Sheriff website for scheduling a interview with a detective? The schedule's booked up through the end of 2012. I emailed their office and asked if they'll get help or something, they said no, that I need to check the schedule regularly to see if anybody cancelled, thereby freeing up an appointment time.

Nevertheless, I will continue to carry. My wife and I found a guy in our trunk one day shortly after moving here. Alive. Your basic Sac crackhead. He must've snuck in there the night before. I would've shot him on the spot except multiple bystanders noticed him at the same time we did, opening the trunk to put in groceries at the grocery store parking lot.

Always lock your car doors. Somebody might mistake your trunk for a cozy home.
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