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Thanks for posting this link wildhawker!

Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
Miller said the application process "was really uneven and undemocratic." Now, he said, "virtually anyone can apply."
One group routinely granted the permits has been Monterey County's all-volunteer Aero Squadron, a group of about 20 pilots who give free flight services to local government officials and help with search and rescue missions.

"I would always say OK to the aero squad guys," Monarque said. "They have more firearms training than a deputy has in a year. So I would say yes to them."
Wow. "I would always say OK to the aero squad guys" is exactly the same sort "uneven and undemocratic process" Miller supposedly railed against. What hypocrisy. I am prepared to bet many on this forum spend more time training and shooting than many an MCSO deputy and I'll be they would probably get denied. Cronyism at its finest. From this article, it sounds like the spirit of the policies Miller is planning on instituting is no better than that of his predecessor, Mike Kanalakis.
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