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If you guys are wondering what kind of super duper hispeed precision rimfire rigs you will see at this weekend's match, here are some samples from the first CaPRC rimfire match last year.

Typical bolt rifles include this Savage:

Or this CZ:

Here's a Marlin 795:


I shot the match with my Anschutz sporter:

I'm not showing you skid row or anything like that. These are representative of the rifles at the match last year. That looks like a CCI box beside that 795, but most of the shooters shoot Wolf Match Target (very accurate in nearly all guns and cheap at $4.50 a box).

Just bring whatever you have and shoot the match. You can always say your "build" isn't quite ready yet. Ready for what? Just bring a rimfire and shoot the match instead of setting up hurdles for yourself. Even if you finish dead last in the match, you still finished ahead of all of the hispeed big-talkers on the web who didn't shoot the match at all.

I hope to see you at the match this weekend.
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