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Originally Posted by firemark View Post
So please explain to me what actual good use putting up all the applications for CCW's was for?

Your frustrations are misdirected. Yes, your rights are being infringed by government just as tens of millions of others are similarly infringed.

We publish the records because it helps people to understand the contours of the sheriffs' policy as-applied. Further, it allows people to argue in support of their application, their circumstances, and their right to equal protection from an informed position. It is not, nor ever has it ever been, a guarantee of a successful application.

Your not planning to coordinate an application event in San Diego, at this time. So at what time?
I am not in the business of asking people to spend time and money where it doesn't serve a purpose. When and if we need to run a drill in San Diego, those who've signed up as volunteers will be contacted.

"allow those cases to resolve" once again Calguns famous mantra "two weeks"
These issues will not be resolved overnight; I'm sorry if you expected otherwise. We're in the middle of a years-long process and there's nothing anyone can do to speed it along beyond what we already are doing.

Just a brief review of willing people just on this website I count several dozen if not over 100 San Diegans waiting "for orders". If something was planned I could easily guarantee at least another 100 coworkers to join in, not on calguns.
Excellent, and to the extent that we can position for some grassroots show of support for the issue (and disparity in the sheriff's use of discretion), every single person should sign up to be a LTC volunteer in case that sort of coordinated effort becomes an action item. Alternatively, you can take the information we worked very hard to acquire and do something with it yourself.

Gore is the epitomy of tyrannical law enforcement, his special treatment and denial of 14th amendment rights to law abiding citizens is evident. You have documentable evidence of bias against carry rights, Gores attendence at AB1934 discussion meetings. And now 100's of people ready to do something, and your advice is.....lets just wait?
Did you even read my last post? Let me quote it for you.

ETA: Note that all 2A cases, and probably all EP-only cases (related to gun issues) are stayed pending Nordyke. Richards and Peruta are already up at CA9 and briefed (also pending Nordyke). There's nothing really to do except allow those cases to resolve and work on the addressable issues in the time period leading up to Richards/Peruta ultimate resolution.
Your purported volume of applicants has no bearing on the law. If you want to project your frustrations on others, please direct them to those actually causing the infringing policies to be applied.

What about stirring up media attention for gun rights, address Gore's pending lawsuits, the fact the ban on open carry now makes his argument in Peruta completely void and without merit.
That's being done pretty much everywhere. It's even in court filings. Where have you been?

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