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Originally Posted by firemark View Post
The question I have is "Will there be a coordinated application blitz by others in SD, or a time frame for applying?"
You can apply whenever you feel it prudent. I have no way of knowing what other possible applicants might do with the information we collected and published; however, we are not planning to coordinate any particular application event in San Diego at this time.

"If I get rejected and then file an appeal and get rejected again, which im pretty sure Gore will do, what is Calguns prepared to do legally???"
We prepare and fund strategic litigation; we are not a legal service provider.

Note, however, that there is no appeals process under current law. To the extent the agency offers denied applicants some scheme of requesting a review of the application and determination thereupon, we believe it is really a re-application process in function. There's really no probative value of any appeal decision except to the extent that it modifies the original determination.


ETA: Note that all 2A cases, and probably all EP-only cases (related to gun issues) are stayed pending Nordyke. Richards and Peruta are already up at CA9 and briefed (also pending Nordyke). There's nothing really to do except allow those cases to resolve and work on the addressable issues in the time period leading up to Richards/Peruta ultimate resolution.
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