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Ok so I read thru them all for SD... Since im a Firefighter and Paramedic the ones that most closley resemble me are on pages


Those plus other info deemed from other applications I have found that dealing with criminals, metally ill, domestic viollence, gang members, and crime scenes in high crime areas, that these constitute good causes and FFPM's have succesfully been awarded CCW's by Gore.

So I will craft my application to cover these same topics, and mention my fear for my life and safety as well as my family when off duty.

The question I have is "Will there be a coordinated application blitz by others in SD, or a time frame for applying?"


"If I get rejected and then file an appeal and get rejected again, which im pretty sure Gore will do, what is Calguns prepared to do legally???"
"Gun owners in California in 2011 are like black people in the south in 1955. If you don't understand that then your concepts of fighting for gun rights is just tilting at windmills." Gene Hoffman.

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