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Only about half way thru so far......but WOW.....glad to see so many "gov't agents" being able to protect themselves.

I am also suprised to the see how many body guard/Exec. Protection GC statements have been accepted.

(ETA: The interesting part of that being, these people are being issued permits so that others can hire them for protection without having to show "need/good cause/defined threat" for needing armed protection, yet pvt. citizens are denied the right to defend themselves without showing more than ordinary need. HMMMMM??????)

Other then that.....seems like anyone in SD who owns a business or is a contractor should be applying. What are you folks waiting for?

The other ones I find kind of funny are all the "crime scene techs".....GC is "for personal protection while processing crime scenes for X-PD"? Do they mean those cordined off crimes scenes with all the armed LEOs around standing guard to keep people out? Again.....HMMMM????
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