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Default Steel Jacketed Ammo Round 2


After some further investigation I have found some of the ammo and had it tested as best I could.


Nothing on the box says "Steel Jacketed Bullets" see attached PDF

Steel appears to be fairly soft alloy, and since they are from Russia we could not totally quantify the exact alloy, but it appears to be in the 1006, 1008, 1010, 1015 alloys. Low carbon and easy to cold form, and cheap to produce. Generally there is a lot of scrap metal recycled into these alloys.

Please review the attached PDF for the SAE specifics of SAE1010 alloy. All of the listed alloys are very close to the same in properties and to save time I just picked a middle of the road alloy.

NEXT, we tried to determine the copper wash/plating of the bullet. As best we could measure it and try to determine it's alloy as well, it doesn't look good for the shooters. It is a "Wash" of a copper alloy. little copper and lots of tin.

There is a VERY thin coating of a Copper/Tin "washed" onto the outside of the bullet. Thickness was measured and guessed at .0002 to .0004 thousandths of an inch.

To be a proper “safe” bullet to shoot out of any rifle or pistol there is supposed to be a copper alloy coating on the bullet of .003 to .005 thousandths of an inch. This is the lubrication and protection needed to fire bimetal or steel jacketed rounds from any firearm.

Based on our findings we can only warn shooters that they are saving money in on area that will cost them more in the end.

We are not allowed to use steel jacketed rounds on our range guns and any of the manufacturers that finds us doing so can and would yank our ability to be a certified range for their programs.

Each time you fire one of these rounds you are rubbing steel against steel under pressue and heat. It will cause permanent damage in a short period of time to your firearm. But then, like anything else, do as you want. It is your firearm and problem. We are here to help if we can.
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