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Thanks, shooters.

What makes a class interesting is the students. If y'all want to learn, and want to be safe/great multigun attention and interact with the class. Which y'all did.

It actually worked-out well, as the class was not packed this time around, so y'all partook in helping to build the stage. This meant you got to undertand a bit about stage design, and also got a bit more shooting done. (An added bonus).

This is making me consider reducing the class size down to 10. I know it is only a reduction of two shooters, but that is also "time saved" in resetting everything, and more time for coaching y'all.

Hmmmm...let me ponder on this a bit more. Looks like reducing it to 10 shooters per class is a "win win" situation.

Anyhoo...great class, very safe and attentive shooters, and completed without a hitch.

Hope to see y'all at the multigun practices and matches.

Registration for the March 10th class is open. Contact me if you are interested in getting into multigun competition.

Completion of the class will get you FREE enterance to a pistol match at our club, as well as the knowledge/experience to partake in ANY USPSA or IMG multigun match throughout the United States.

See y'all downrange!

In Christ: Raymond
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