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Default Update on North Cow Clean Up

OK, I heard back from the BLM representative. He wrote:

Thank you for your offer. It would be a great service to BLM if we could get local help in maintaining the rifle range on North Cow. We generally try to do a cleanup in late spring after the road is dry enough to bring in a 20-40 yard dumpster. Cal Fire has always been generous with free inmate crew time to conduct this cleanup. We could always arrange an interim cleanup with your group or even a schedule for repeat events if you would be interested. We could supply bags and a smaller trailer to lessen the need for a large dumpster. We also have a need to keep the hillside above the turn into the rifle range (locally known as "Trash Hill") cleaned.

What I see as another need for a volunteer group is the range facility itself. I would like to see the benches refurbished or replaced, steps rebuilt and a retaining wall in front of the parking area to keep vehicles in the parking area. Another need is for a receptacle for the brass and shotgun shell.
Is this something you and your group would be interested in?

Thank You


I wrote back to him:

Thanks for your reply. I will post your note to our group and see what we can put together regarding improvements. The group I am coordinating with is people who are members of the forum who use the range at Cow Mountain. They are typically more responsible sportsmen, and are also concerned about range quality, safety, and anything to help keep it as a viable resource.

I do have a few questions:

1) If we did interim cleanups, what time of year would you suggest as being most helpful for your purposes? I am planning on posting several dates on the forum so people can indicate which date(s) work best. That way we can get the best turnout.

2) Refurbishing the benches is a great idea. Maybe the tops could be replaced with concrete?

3) How would receptacles be managed? Great idea, but I can imagine they would fill up pretty quickly.

So, any thoughts about how to do concrete tops on the existing steel frames? Other ideas on how to keep it cleaner between their 'official' clean-ups?

I'll keep you posted on his response as related to timing. A scheduled clean-up seems like it might be a good idea as over the years it could gain momentum.

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