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Reloading manuals. I would recommend at least three, speer, hornady and the ABC reloading manuals. Never trust load data that people use from forums only use it for a ball park reference.

For rifles I use a powder trickler for every load, if you have a powder dispenser, the rifle grains can get cut in half causing the burn rate to change.

Pistols, I verify 5 times that the powder grains are the same weight then I check every 3rd round to make sure it is consistent the powder granules are smaller so even if they are cut it really doesnt matter very much.

A brass tumbler/polisher, midway USA has a good kit with the tumbler, corn based media, a media removal tumbler also.

As far as a bullet puller, RCBS has a really good kinetic energy one, its gree and you can miss it.

With your reloading stuff make sure you get the right shell holders for the size of brass, you can't do anything without them.

Other than that, even if you are familiar with some aspects of reloading, Make sure you read the setup manual before you adjust your dies, press a few rounds before you tighten the brass set screws, you may not be able to take them back out again. <--first hand experience with a set of 22-250AI comp dies ($110)

also welcome, and if you find places to buy cheap brass please let us know!
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