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Originally Posted by sargenv View Post
I kick myself for not buying into any of that old stock Norma stuff when it was available.. and by today's standards, it was cheap..
I remember it was like at least $10/box of 50. People said back then I was crazy buying a 10mm . I still have about half box of the 200 gr. Norma stuff and occasionally I fire one round just to remind me how a real 10mm feels like.

Originally Posted by frank8097 View Post
Thats true, hopefully LAX reloads arn't, but for 22.50 for a box of 50 Im guessing that'll most likely be the case it does sound a bit to good to be true. I don't get the logic of the ammo company's (if it isn't saving money) selling 10mm ammo loaded to practically .40 cal velocity. I know I'd be pissed if I bought .357 ammo that preformed like a .38 and this is no different. As for handloading, Im actively goggling for a 10mm reload kit, you know of any distributors? For as much as I'll be shooting 10mm a thousand dollar press isnt necessary for me.
I've been reloading with using a Lee 50th Anniversary kit and works fine for me. Once in a while they go on sale for less than $100 plus you need to buy the dies. I got mine from Graf and Sons.
The bullets with my name on it I'm not worried about, it's the "To whom it may concern" ones I'm worried about.
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