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Default Finally Joining the Club!

So last night I finally bit the bullet and ordered my press and dies.

I scooped up the last Lee Classic Turret kit from Grafs. I had a Cabela's gift card and was going to get their kit but when I broke it down and compared the two Grafs kit was a much better deal and with $5 shipping it was a no-brainer.

I ended up using my gift card too, and got a tumbler, .38/.357 dies and 700 bullets. This morning I realized that I forgot to get a bullet puller so I'll look for one locally. Everything should be here in about a week!

Here is a list of everything I got.

From Cabela's
- LEE Deluxe Pistol 4-Die Set 38 SPCL
- Hornady Pistol Per 100 38Cal .357"Dia Bullets .38 158 GR HP XTP
- (x2) 300 Hornady Lead Pistol Bullets .38 CAL 158GR SWC/HP
- Lyman 1200 Pro Tumbler

Grafs Kit
- Lee Classic Turret Press
- Pro Auto-Disk powder measure and riser
- Large and Small Safety Prime
- Cutter
- Lock Stud
- Chamfer Tool
- Small and Large Primer Pocket Cleaner
- Tube of Lee Case Sizing Lube
- Lee Safety powder scale (going to use for now)
- Modern Reloading Second Edition

I need to get a bullet puller, primers and some powder; I am thinking either Trail Boss, 231, Unique or Universal Clays I am not sure what they will have locally. I am also going to pick up another manual or two.

Once I get comfortable I plan to also reload .44Mag and 30-06 for my immediate needs and then add .45ACP, 10mm/40 S&W and maybe 9mm.

Anything I am missing? Everyone's input is appreciated. I am very excited not only to start saving money/shooting more but to have the ability to tailor loads to my liking.

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