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Not a member, but a frequent student and not too shabby a shooter if I do say so myself. Had a wonderful time each time I have gone. Would go back in a heart beat (I'm the guy buying up your return student certs). The training level has remained pretty steady, especially considering the drastic increase in students. The facilities have kept up with the increased pace, and all the instructors that I have had have been wonderful. I have noticed less doting on me, but that has more to do with my not needing it as much as I used to while my fellow students needed it more. II still get plenty of attention from the instructors and I still get a massive leap in ability after each 4 day course. Can't complain.

All that said, I had expected to see the houses go up by now. I don't get why it is not a full fledged resort community by now like it was originally envisioned. But the school itself is wonderful.

Why am I not a member given the recent affordable membership package offers? As often as I train there I also train at other schools. I want to float from school to school. Had I planned on building a home there (when they were still talking about that) I would have become a member. But for training only, it makes more sense for me to buy a cert as needed, especially since I need the advanced courses at this point - and those dirt cheap memberships only included the courses I had already mastered. Taking them a couple more times wouldn't hurt, and would certainly help, but at some point I would tire of them and want the more advanced stuff, without the more advanced price.

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