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Default Left-Handed Zastava Rifles

Left-Handed Zastava Rifles at

For the 11% of the US population that is left-handed, adapting to different firearms can be a tricky thing to juggle. For that 11%, K-Var is excited to introduce our limited line of Left Handed Zastava firearms.

Just like the original right handed variation, these left handed rifles come directly from the Zastava Arms factory in Serbia. Their world renowned reputation for quality has made them one of the premier firearms manufacturers for over 150 years. Each firearm features superior craftsmanship from barrel to buttstock. These left-handed, bolt-action rifles will be built so that the bolt is on the left side making it easy to use for any lefty gun enthusiast.

This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. In order to import these in a timely manner, we ask that you call, e-mail, or place your online order not later than 3:00 PST on February 9th and make your $100 deposit.

Please allow up to 90 days for delivery of these unique firearms.

For questions, or to place an order over the phone, please contact Elliot at (702) 364-8880 ext. 1 or or Elias at (702) 364-8880 ext. 3 or

Choose from the Models below

MP Precision Small Bore Rifles

M70 Mauser Bolt Action Series

M85 Mini-Mauser Bolt Action Series

Order yours today!
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