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Originally Posted by genoaguns View Post
I have often heard that Posse members get the LTC and it costs many $K to get in the Posse.

Why not do a records request for who has LTC and who is in the Posse and who has contributed to the Sheriff. Then match up and look for bias based upon $ and use that as a basis for action to get LTC.

Is this a viable theory or approach ?

Posse members will tell you their LTCs are unrelated to their Posse membership/donations.

My gut tells me Posse members probably hold LTCs at a far higher rate than non Posse members. How much of the discrepancy is due to self selection and how much is due to other factors is the question though being told you have zero hope of getting an LTC certainly keeps applications down. Coincidence or corruption?

I believe Jim March did work around Rupf's permits some years ago. It's on the internet.

Perhaps the new sheriff is amenable to reason. More likely he'll come along kicking and screaming.

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