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Originally Posted by DC-8 View Post
Interesting to see how this process plays out for you ParadigmGuy and I certainly hope they approve you for an LTC! My gut feeling is that your standing as member of the military will go a long way for the MCSO. As a longtime resident of Monterey County it is certainly nice to see the MCSO opening up (even if just a little bit) on the LTC front. That said, I honestly still do not expect the MCSO to issue too many permits despite the increased transparency simply because many of us interested in getting an LTC would probably have our applications stymied by our neighbors.

Regardless, I wish I still lived permanently in Monterey County as I would try my luck at applying regardless. Unfortunately Santa Clara County where I now reside has a less than stellar record when it comes to issuing CCWs.
I keep coming back to this message and think about it...hard. Being in the military should have no bearing. Being an upstanding law abiding citizen with no disqualifications as a matter of law should be it. Likewise, since it shouldn't be a game of favorites or a lottery, trying your "luck" should be wholly unnecessary. Just reminding us all that we so easily lapse into thinking we have to "prove something" beyond our basic qualifications, clean record and good character. Anything more is games by the powers that be. And from Monterey county's gauntlet, it appears they have gone WAY beyond what the law requires to chill applicants.
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