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5 dogs requires a basic membership ($20 per year) and $10 for each person that attends. If 10 of us go, that's $100.00.

You can up it to $175 per year and not pay the $10 per visit, but then each of your guests have to pay $10.00.

I'd rather drive a little farther and make a small camping trip out of it; there are lots of places to go that are within an hour drive. If it's just a quickie, there is BLM land just as close as 5 dogs.

Don't get me wrong... when I am sighting in a rifle at extreme distances, 5 dogs is an awesome place to go, and they have their expenses to cover... but for my money, on a simple meet and greet, and shoot... "we don't need no stinkin ranges... "
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12050[CCW] licenses will be shall issue soon.

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