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I met with Dave Clark, the initiative sponsor, and Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, in San Jose this past Monday afternoon.

I was able to walk through our concerns with the initiative both as written and based on the current timing vis-à-vis this election cycle. We additionally discussed some of the other concerns that have come up in discussion here at

It is very clear that this proposition is through the direct and personal impetus of Dave Clark out of a sincere desire to “do something” about carry in California. As a more limited user of the internet, Mr. Clark was not as aware of the national carry strategy, its status, or how serious the Sunshine Initiative’s results already are here in California. That puts an onus back on all of us to spend more time keeping fellow shooters who aren’t online informed.

It’s also quite clear to me now that I’ve spoken to them both that Mr. Clark approached Dr. Piazza for his support and that Dr. Piazza has only the best of intentions to support reform in California. Dr. Piazza also pointed out quite correctly that California law prohibits any other use of the petition signatures (Cal Elec. Code 18650) and that his sign up form clearly delineates between the petition and adding oneself to the Front Sight mailing list. My previous concerns on that matter were incorrect and for that I apologize.

After speaking with Dr. Piazza, I believe that the Front Sight organization and member base can be a valuable asset to the pro gun movement. Dr. Piazza generously agreed to assist Mr. Clark in securing the required signatures for shall issue carry with no intent for his personal gain. Dr. Piazza and his Front Sight organization stand ready now, and in the future, to assist as needed. I thank him for that. 

Most importantly, we were able to come to an agreement that I think is very good for all supporters of carry rights in California. In return for our support of a ballot initiative on shall issue carry with some important caveats, they have agreed to withdraw the ballot initiative this cycle and instead target the 2014 election cycle with a unified ballot initiative.

We have agreed to improve the various structural concerns in the proposal itself regarding items like past mental illness and substance abuse, yet still present a ballot initiative that the general public as well as gun owners will fully support.

They have agreed to let the current Supreme Court bound cases including Richards v. Prieto and Peruta v. San Diego proceed such that, if we have a cert grant in a carry case, we would all agree to delay a proposition until that grant or circuit split was resolved.

This creates an excellent back stop to the current litigation strategy nationwide as, should the Supreme Court not take up carry, it would then be appropriate to begin the efforts to ride the changing perception of arms to a win at the ballot box.

It takes unusual and unusually serious men to change course when they’ve already created momentum. We should all thank and support them for working with the community and building a broader coalition to make sure that a robust right to carry becomes the norm in California and support them as they explain to supporters why this improved plan of action makes sense.

Gene Hoffman
Chairman, The Calguns Foundation

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