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Originally Posted by Eljay View Post
How quickly people forget. This is a thread about the different ways companies reacted as we got close to the ammo ban. Luckily a judge threw it out, but the idea was to keep it around for a while so people could reward companies that kept to the minimums of the law instead of totally throwing us under the bus. I know I've tried to reward the more CA-friendly companies.
Agree BIGTIME.. I heard all that crap about vendors "protesting" said pending legislation by not shipping to us.. But the truth is the state is really just after the TAX revenue.. So any such "protest" would be a joke..

I like this thread.. If you dont? "lock" your yourself from it...

I not saying punish anyone (like they care).. Im saying I too remember those that stuck it out with us and those that might have been just covering their ***** or didnt want to deal with us..

I mean, in the end.. They all made a pile of money off us (either way) because that whole mess drove up prices for months..

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