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Originally Posted by justin_5585 View Post
Not to clutter the FAQ, but if you are a FFL and legally stocking standard capacity magazines (with the appropriate permit) and/or off-roster handguns, are you allowed to carry/shoot them? If you are the sole owner of the business, do the guns belong to you, or the business? What happens if you close your doors and/or let permit lapse? Are there requirements to sell "X" number of items per year? Thanks,
Company inventory belongs to the company and there is no restrictions on using general company property (assault weapons have more specific rules).

If you are the sole owner, the company still owns them, but you own the company.

If you close the doors or let your permits expire, then the firearms must be sold. You cannot DROS non-rostered firearms to yourself unless you are LEO or the firearm is exempt in a SSE or other configuration.

There is no requirement to sell any number of anything per year.

I ran out of time to discuss magazines.
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