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Default FAQ from Customers to FFLs - Check here first before making a new thread!

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions in the FFL forums in no particular order. These questions and answers are in no way legal advice and should not be construed as such. Some answers will cover all legal aspects and some answers might give a practical answer.

Additionally, many questions can also be answered in the Calguns Foundation Wiki.

If you think a new question needs to be asked, please post it in a new reply and it will be edited into this FAQ.

1. Can I PPT a handgun not registered to me? Yes you can. It might not be legal, but no one at the DOJ cares and your background as the seller will only be run if the buyer is unable to complete the transaction. So if you bought a handgun illegally 5 years ago without paperwork and now want to legally sell it, just go down and PPT it. The same rule applies for longguns, which are currently not registered.

2. Do I have to pay sales tax on out of state transfers? FFLs are considered the final retailer when DROSing and transfering retail firearms sales from out of state. FFLs are not required to collect the sales tax, but they are required to pay it. So most FFLs will require you to reimburse them for the sales tax due. If your FFL doesn't, keep your mouth shut about it and enjoy it. Just be aware in audit, your FFL will pay dearly and if not prepared to pay all of those back taxes, penalties, and interest, they most likely won't be in business anymore.

3. Do you know of a local dealer in my area? Yes, there is already a sticky for that.
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