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Just posted about this in the Glass Factory thread.... But I have an idea, has anyone thought about making and posting signs (metal or paper) about cleaning up trash, like a "if you don't clean up your trash, the gov't will close this range too" sort of thing. Maybe list ranges that have been closed due to trash and "this one will be next", etc.

Also be a good way to get some CalGuns ad's at the same time if it's sponsored/endorsed by CalGuns. They are unregulated for a reason but I've yet to see a sign about anything on any of these ranges I've shot at, let alone about cleaning up trash.

Will it help? I have no idea. Signs assume people can read and might give a flying hoot, which are huge assumptions, but without being closed or some form of regulation, they won't stay open. Don't be surprised if you see a new bill banning discharging a weapon outside a regulated range type of thing or banning ranges all together.
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