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Originally Posted by ultijerry View Post
Membership Type: Diamond + Alaska
Membership Date: Early 2011
Courses Taken: None
Next Course: I really don't know if I'll ever visit Front Sight physically. You see, the TSA stories I'm hearing are really freaking me out. I live in Puerto Rico. They recently detained senator Rand Paul. None of this is constitutional yet, they do it anyway. I do not wish to go through their cancer causing machines nor be groped. If the TSA is ever removed from the airports, I'll definitely pay Front Sight a visit! Go Ron Paul!!!
Comments: I believe in the Front Sight vision and the second amendment right to bear arms. I, also, believe in making a small profit and putting it into silver(real money). So, I've invested in dozens of 4-day handgun certificates and Diamond + Alaska memberships. So far, I've made a pretty good return on my money while, at the same time, supporting the Front Sight vision. If anyone is interested in a 4-day certificate or Diamond + Alaska membership, I can be reached at:[/email]
God bless America and please god, preserve the CONSTITUTION!
Without it, we've got nothing. Well, we've got TYRANNY(not cool).
Ok, all you seem to be doing is trying to sell memberships. This isn't even the right forum to try to sell anything.

If you plan to otherwise participate in discussions WITHOUT trying to hock something in every post, let us know.

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