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Default Diamond + Alaska

Membership Type: Diamond + Alaska
Membership Date: Early 2011
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Next Course: I really don't know if I'll ever visit Front Sight physically. You see, the TSA stories I'm hearing are really freaking me out. I live in Puerto Rico. They recently detained senator Rand Paul. None of this is constitutional yet, they do it anyway. I do not wish to go through their cancer causing machines nor be groped. If the TSA is ever removed from the airports, I'll definitely pay Front Sight a visit! Go Ron Paul!!!
Comments: I believe in the Front Sight vision and the second amendment right to bear arms. I, also, believe in making a small profit and putting it into silver(real money). So, I've invested in dozens of 4-day handgun certificates and Diamond + Alaska memberships. So far, I've made a pretty good return on my money while, at the same time, supporting the Front Sight vision. If anyone is interested in a 4-day certificate or Diamond + Alaska membership, I can be reached at: BANNED
God bless America and please god, preserve the CONSTITUTION!
Without it, we've got nothing. Well, we've got TYRANNY(not cool).

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