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Originally Posted by goober View Post
thanks for the update, ParadigmGuy. keep us posted if you don't mind, OK?
Will do.

Originally Posted by candidviews View Post
Thank you so much for keeping us informed.
Do they select the therapist or give you a list? How long was the interview?
Thanks and good luck!
They select the therapist, and the range. The interview was about an hour. I didn't check my watch when I went it though, so it may have been a bit longer or a bit shorter.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
ParadigmGuy can confirm, but I believe they choose the venue for the psych test, and it takes several (4+) hours, most of which is spent taking a written/multiple choice test, with a short in-person interview w/ the therapist/analyst.

Also, ParadigmGuy, did you have the home/neighbor/workplace visits/interviews yet, and if so, how did those go?
I haven't had the home/neighbor/work visits or interviews yet. I'm in the military and new to the area, so my neighbors don't really know me. I also need to get them info on co-workers and my current boss that they can contact. The interviewer (investigator) explained that he just wants to talk to them to see if I appear to have an aggressive personality that would cause them to not want to approve the CCW permit. Something along the lines of me threatening them or their dog, yelling at them about parking, or anything along those lines.
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