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Originally Posted by thefirebirdzox View Post
An NG, so to speak... Thefirebirdzox.

I'm 14. Never ever fired a real live gun, but my bro and friends have. I got interested in guns around September/October of 11. Some guns I want are a Ruger Gp-100, model KGP-141, 6 inch barrel. A Beretta M92. USP. AR-15 (cali legal of course, ha). M1A with Zeiss Scope. M1 Garand. Springfield.

I hate them silencer prohibitions and mag limits. Fine with everything else.

That's it really.
funny. I want all the same guns you do... being 14 you are going to have to wait a few years to get them, I have been at the same job for 15 years and make over $100k/year, according to my wife, I will never get them
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