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Originally Posted by thefirebirdzox View Post
An NG, so to speak... Thefirebirdzox.

I'm 14. Never ever fired a real live gun, but my bro and friends have. I got interested in guns around September/October of 11. Some guns I want are a Ruger Gp-100, model KGP-141, 6 inch barrel. A Beretta M92. USP. AR-15 (cali legal of course, ha). M1A with Zeiss Scope. M1 Garand. Springfield.

I hate them silencer prohibitions and mag limits. Fine with everything else.

That's it really.
funny. I want all the same guns you do... being 14 you are going to have to wait a few years to get them, I have been at the same job for 15 years and make over $100k/year, according to my wife, I will never get them
Originally Posted by carlosdanger View Post
Dude give it up. The election is was months ago. Hillary is toast. Her political career is over.

Or do you just hate her so much you can't let go?
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