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Originally Posted by Yehosha View Post
I've been getting into guns more heavily lately, enough to where I found my own place to shoot instead of just going to 5 dogs once or twice a year. The place I found is in the Sequoia National Forest and is 100% legal to shot at. I've been there three times and always take home a full trash bag full of stuff more than I brought in. The place isn't super dirty, but I was thinking it would be fun to get some of us together to shoot and clean the place up and get to get to put a face with some of the names I've been seeing around here. If anyone is interested let me know and we can pick a date/time and I can give you directions to the spot (it's very easy to find if given decent directions.) So, anyone up for this?
Just curious, why don't you just shoot at 5 dogs?

Other driving off in the Mountains for random plinking, $10.00 to shoot all day in more comfortabloe surroundings is a no brainer for me.

Plus they have garbage cans!
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