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Can anyone offer some help with this?
Originally Posted by Silverone858 View Post
First of all thank you for this post and for all the information you guys have collected and put to use to help people!
I am building a AR from a 80% lower and am doing alot of homework while I wait for my build party to happen. I was wondering what other paperwork I should maybe keep with me in case of leo questioning my lower.
I plan on a pistol grip, bb, 10 round blocked pmags, and comp.
If anyone could give advice or links to paperwork that is a must carry while transporting that would be great. Thank you in advance.
Edit- also people say there is no mandatory registration for a rifle built this way I think I also heard a pistol built from an 80% Receiver didn't have to be registered. I would like to know why or at least read about that in case I need to know.