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January 28 103 HP XTC 80 Note #1
January 29 103 MR 3x600

Can anyone explain the course of fire tp me for these two matches? I'd like to attend at least one of them

never mind...found it

Governed by NRA rules, High Power Rifle has four (4) different stages of fire:

1.Slow fire standing at 200 yards
2.Rapid fire sitting or kneeling at 200 yards
3.Rapid fire prone at 300 yards
4.Slow fire prone at 600 yards
This course of fire is also known as the National Match Course of Fire (or NMC).

The fact that there are three distances in which the course of fire is shot at, has resulted in the nickname “Across the Course” (or XTC) to be used when referring to High Power Rifle competitions.

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