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Guys, while I do love to get input, please stop posting links to other peoples products on my thread. I am very well aware that there are cheap lightweight dueling trees out there for a lot less than mine. Please, read the fine print. They are not made of AR500. They will not stand up to anything other than lead bullets, and even then, they don't last. My tree is twice the size of theirs and four times the weight, further, my targets are made of american AR 500, theirs are NOT. the price they are selling these for would not even cover half of the material I use to build a tree. that said, there are some nice trees out there, they start at around 400.00 check MGM targets or action targets for comparable products and choose the better product/deal. but PLEASE don't compare my targets with Chinese garbage like the ones referenced above.

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Thank you for your interest.

Big John
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