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OK. I'm going to speak very carefully here for two reasons: Iggy is well known for suing his critics (yet again straight out of the $cientology playbook!) and because I'm under non-disclosure for a lot of what I know.

First thing is, I know he's a Scientologist. No question, and by the time I'm done everybody here will be just as convinced.

Second, and much worse, he's a crook.
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OK. So what about the crook thing?

Well I'm going to give you a solid example: I know for a fact that Iggy continued to push the existence of the residential real estate program LONG after he officially killed it off. Follow? Just for starters: early on he obtained certain water rights, enough (barely) to run a 500-unit residential subdivision. 501 acre-feet to be exact. The project officially died when he failed to come up with a sewage plan. Long after that he was still trying to sell slots, still pushed for extensions on the water rights (which are under a "use it or lose it" use concept) and was in turn still using the water rights as loan collateral - again, up to several years after the residential development plan collapsed for lack of a sewage plan.

There's much, much more. This guy is poison. It is VERY possible he wants to process these petition forms in order to do marketing to those people, which would be highly unethical at a minimum and illegal in a lot of states (dunno about California or Nevada). Wouldn't be at all the craziest stunt he's pulled.

And Iggy, if you're reading this? You really don't want to sue me. You really, really don't. You probably know by now that I was in the Nye County courthouse and planning commission offices for a fair bit of time. You don't know how big the file I've got is, you probably suspect it's under non-disclosure, and you can bet it gets opened up on you if you sue me.

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