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I started shooting when I was about 11. I have taught my son about respect for the gun and the 4 safety rules since he was old enuff to talk. He knows he can always come and ask me to see the guns in the safe. He can pull them out check if they are clear and laydown behind them to practice his cheek well. This last summer he wanted to start shooting so i started him off with the pellet gun. He did well but not to excited about it. I just built a dedicated AR in .22 and took him to the range last weekend. He practiced everything I have taught hi and he did very well at the range. Once he got behind the trigger of the .22 he went thru about 700 rounds in an afternoon.

I have a feeling he is hooked now. By the way my son is 7 years old, I don't think it is ever to early to start them on the basic principles and respect for the weapons.

My daughter who is 10 just strted shooting last week and did great. It wa funny to see my son "the old pro" giving my daughter directions on how to operate his AR22. She knows the 4 safety rules as obeys them. I am pretty sure she is hooked and I will need to build her her own gun but pink. Lol.

Much respect to the OP for stepping up and showing your godson the ropes. I am sorry fr your loss but it sounds like you will make him proud by teach his son the ropes of life. God Bless.

just my .02
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