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Default wind reading class

All SMGC Members,

The Santa Margarita Gun Club is pleased to offer the first in a series of three Clinics regarding the art of wind reading. A Long Range Wind Reading Clinic will start the series on Saturday, January 21st. The course will take place at Ranges 116 and 117A covering all aspects of reading wind for Palma, Match, and F-Class Long Range shooters. Two other Clinics will follow up and complete the series by Summer and be scheduled soon. They will cover wind reading for Across the Course (200-600 yds.) with the last class completing the series. Our last Clinic will involve an in depth class at Long Range utilizing all aspects previously broached in the Clinic series. The last Clinic will include the addition of Kestrels or other like weather sensors and ballistic computers and will be geared toward maximum first round accuracy.

Our first Clinic will involve a didactic session at the R116 classroom and will broach the basic principles that will be applied during live fire at the 1000 yard line on R117A and during the rest of the Clinic series.

Course fees for the first round will be $10.00 and the Clinic is offered to all SMGC Members and Military personnel; should the Clinic have additional positions open after Saturday, January 14th, SMGC will open registration to other personnel with the addition of SMGC Membership application fees.

Please note: There is a limit of 25 participants, please sign up through the SMGC website and send your registration fees asap to assure your position in our first of a series of three Clinics. Directions to R117A, a list of needed equipment and class time will be emailed after registration.

The course instructor for our first Clinic will be CWO III "Gene" Rucks (USMC Ret.), for those of you who may be unfamiliar with Gunner Rucks, we can assure you there is no one better in the art of reading wind. Gene's list of accomplishments with the rifle and representation of the USA in International Competition is without parallel. Gunner Rucks will be assisted by Gy.Sgt and Scout/Sniper "Memo" Sandoval and Mr. John Hermsen (SMGC President and LR High Master) as well as other well regarded shooters.

The second Clinic will, as stated previously, cover Across the Course and will be taught by Master Gunnery Sargent Harry Harrison and others at R103 at a later date to be determined. Our second Clinic will be geared toward the addition of Service Rifles to the mix. The final Clinic will once again be held at R117 utilizing weather sensors, ballistic calculators and being taught by Mr. Ken Miller, Ken is an engineering consultant and trainer for various LE and Government sniping programs. It is our anticipation that the last Clinic by Mr. Miller will be held before Summer begins.

Don't miss out on our rare opportunities to learn from the very best. While much can be read on the subject of wind, it is an art form that must be learned from practical application. The fastest way through that process, is to be taught and Mentored by the best in the business.

See you on the Range,

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