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Hey guys, (and acouple gals I see!)
New here, wanted to introduce myself - I'm a MinuteMan, w/ S.O.S. and C.C.I.R. Curio and Relic liscensed. Been shooting for years but have gotten very political over the past 3. Seems like protecting our gun rights falls right in line w/ defending the country from illegal invasion - just seems like you can't do one w/out the other!
I got to speak to a DOJ field agent the other day. According to him, the DOJ will not make a ruling now or in the forseeable future as tho the legality of whether or not an OLL is an assault rifle - assuming it has been completed. It is completely up to local law enf. and ultimately the court to determine a weapons status based on interpretation of the law - SO YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD LAWYER! "the capacity to accept" is again ambigous so the DOJ is leaving that up to local law enf.
Furthermore, there is no record kept of these OLL's. There is no way or desire for the DOJ at present to know what citizen purchased which lower or how many. As long as the finished rifle is configured properly(SB 23), we should be good. I just pieced my AR and am now working on an AK lower.
This is probably not news to you all and I apologize if you've all heard this before!
I'm actually tryin to find out if it is legal to carry a pistol in a thigh holster in public. I heard your goodtogo if it is not loaded, someone else said it CAN be loaded - Anybody know for sure???
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