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Originally Posted by EODWRX View Post
Thank you for admitting you failed out of EOD School. There is no shame in failing that school. It is extremely difficult. I meet a ton of people who refuse to admit that they couldn't make it. They always make up some bullshiz story about what happened instead of saying it was just too hard.
So on behalf of the EOD Community, thank you.
One of my cousins has washed out two or three times now, he refuses to give up though, his moms told me he wants to try at least one more time. I've heard its one of the hardest schools, up there with dive school and the whole selection/Q course. Me, all my schools have been easy, hardest was Infantry AIT, but that seems like it was a life time ago.

I give you guys nothing but the utmost respect, you guys definitely have a hard job.
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