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Originally Posted by whatpain View Post
enlisted as a 55d, failed out of eod school and went to signal as a 25q(31r was the old school nomenclature) then when my batlion s2 decided my ts\sci was taking to long they asked me to reclass again. i picked 21e engineer, and the day before i shipped back to ft leonardwood to reclass i got my letter from brigade s2 telling me my ts\sci went through. i said screw it and reclassed anyway. worse mistake ever
Thank you for admitting you failed out of EOD School. There is no shame in failing that school. It is extremely difficult. I meet a ton of people who refuse to admit that they couldn't make it. They always make up some bullshiz story about what happened instead of saying it was just too hard.
So on behalf of the EOD Community, thank you.
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