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Originally Posted by Ubermcoupe View Post
Thanks fir the pics Dave! (Iíve been wondering where you disappeared to... BTW, what ever happened to the SSE barre you used for your GSG???)
I'm still around, just not posting as much but still checking out this site everyday.

I still have my SSE barrel. We used a Gemtech thread adapter that we affixed to another barrel and put an extension on that. The adapter is toast but still usable, and I just took a heatgun to melt the solder on the threads and popped that off. I put the comp onto the spare barrel and some solder on the threads so that it's 'permanent' and legal to use in CA. It just takes some maneuvering of the recoil spring & plug to get it in, and it's harder to put in with the longer CWA guide rod so I use my stock one.
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