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Originally Posted by DaveFJ80 View Post
I finally got around to taking some pictures, but here is what my "1st gen" GSG guide rod looks like. It's all steel and very solid, just like the CWA SS guide rod I picked up. The GSG guide rod is actually 1-piece and the CWA SS guide rod is 2 pieces (the CWA cylinder was hollowed out to accept the rod through it.... don't know if this will actually cause any issues or not). I didn't need the CW guide rod, but I just got it anyways since it was cheap and for reassurance.

After 2400-ish rounds through my GSG, you can see no wear marks and no bending of the guide rod at all. It's a very solid piece, so I have no idea why ATI decided to change to the new 'X' style guide rods.

Thanks fir the pics Dave! (Ive been wondering where you disappeared to... BTW, what ever happened to the SSE barre you used for your GSG???)

Originally Posted by redhemi View Post
Ubermcoupe I would say it's the ammo. Mine had a hard time shooting Remington until I put that 19lb MSH spring in now I only have a few FTF with that ammo.
Originally Posted by vinny_land View Post
If it helps, my bone stock GSG 1911 loves the 40 gr. Federal Auto-Match stuff!!! It's a little finicky with Winchester Super X High Velocity.
Thanks for the replies guys. I figured it was the ammo. Hopefully I will make it up to the range again soon.
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