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Okay so I made it to the range yesterday afternoon.

Had to test out my new pistols and the new loads.
My .357 loads were seated too far out and wouldn’t fit in my trooper, fit in the S&W though, but I digress.

Got about two magazines in before some other folks showed up so I was limited to 25yds, not best for “sighting in” but enough for function and other “tests.”

Action cycled fine, when it cycled. I kept getting solid strikes on the primers but the GSG wouldn’t go bang every couple of rounds.
Thought it might be the hammer I switched out as the difference between the stock hammer and the colt hammer is a considerable weight?
Maybe the spring in my MSH wasn’t strong enough, but I had visible strikes on the primers?
Maybe I over oiled it after cleaning? Never had that problem with a .22 though.
Any suggestions guys?

I goofed and only brought one type of ammo (The Remington pictured) so I am chalking this trip us as crappy ammo. It was pretty cold out, maybe there was to much humidity in the ammo? My Goof for only bringing one type.
Might be my grip safety, but then the hammer wouldn’t drop so probably not.

Anyways Mr. Potterfield sent me a notice that my new parts are on the way, hopefully I will get them soon and be back up @ the range by the end of the week. This time with that CCI & Federal I have in the corner.

If you guys have any ideas about the failure to fires please help me troubleshoot this. Thanks.
Hauoli Makahiki Hou

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