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Originally Posted by speedrrracer View Post
I not sure about that. Reading from:

It seems pretty clear that intra-family transfers are exempt from the roster:

These transfers are exempt from the Roster
An additional part of the Penal Code, 12132
12132. This chapter shall not apply to any of the following:

(b) The sale, loan, or transfer of any firearm that is exempt from
the provisions of subdivision (d) of Section 12072 pursuant to any
applicable exemption contained in Section 12078, if the sale, loan,
or transfer complies with the requirements of that applicable
exemption to subdivision (d) of Section 12072.
says that intrafamilial handgun transfers are NOT subject to the Roster of Handguns.

But I am just learning this stuff; I haven't found any words about "needing to be present", so I may have missed entire chunks of law....
His inquiry had nothing to do with the roster, just that his father lived out of state and wanted to get the gun in-state. We all know you can already get off-roster guns here in CA.
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