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I had a couple questions about the parts I ordered so here is the first order:
EGW Prefit Match Barrel SS : Midway # 155890
Colt Enhanced Hammer SS: Midway # 848198
EB Flat Mainspring housing SS: Midway # 762503

Most of my parts will probably be colt parts because there are less expensive then some other replacement parts, and because I wanted to try and keep this an inexpensive shooter I am refraining (for now) from using non essential expensive parts. Alas I am beginning to get the mod bug...

I will update with my 2nd parts list once I receive them from Mr. Potterfield.

Originally Posted by SDM44 View Post
The Colt extended thumb safety (non-ambi) is a perfect match to the look & shape of the GSG 1911 ambi thumb safety.
I think I may have ordered that one, or the non extended one, cant remember

Originally Posted by redhemi View Post
Ubermcoupe let us know how that hammer works out I have been thinking about changing mine out. Also when you change your MSH try a 19lb spring thats what I,m using now I bought a spring kit with different weights and the 19 has worked the best. The best thing about these guns (besides shooting) is because there inexpensive we can experiment with them without the cost getting to crazy. As always have fun, be safe and enjoy.
Agreed. The hammer has considerable weight compared to the stock one, so I have some high expectations for my next range trip. I will have to look into the 19lb spring. Does anyone know the factory GSG 1911 MSH weight?

I have an entire pin/spring set on its way (figured Id get the whole set incase I lose another part while tinkering).
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