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Okay so I decided to revive my own thread because I keep commenting about my pistol in everyone else’s thread... ( I know, I am selfish and self-centered...)

Last update was I suffered a bent Bushing and Broken GR. I was able to get in touch with Chris from ATI and after a couple of emails he was able to get me the replacement pieces asap.
I installed them over Thanksgiving but haven’t had the chance to take it out and test it.
Here was the original bushing failure:

I was planning on getting out tomorrow AM before gifts but while I was DCOA’ing my GSG I bent the thumb safety (don’t ask) and sent the safety plunger flying, sooo I am out of commission until I get replacements for those.

My plan was to ditch the ambi safety, replace the MSH, different grips and eventually the grip safety so i’m just doing all that sooner than expected.

What I was able to do today was upgrade the Bushing with a solid one from EGW. I was recommended this particular bushing from another board and the fit and finish of this is tight and smooth. I am actually excited to try it out with this bushing.

Comparison between stock GSG bushing and the EGW bushing.

I also upgraded the hammer to an all SS one from midway.
These are the parts I am working with now:

I will update again as soon as get the new thumb safety and safety plunger.

Overall, I am having so much fun tinkering with this and I am glad that I bought it... Now if only it came in OD Green
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