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Default Shooting for her birthday

My daughter just turned 16. Wow! Where does the time go? Back to the thread. So when i asked what she wanted for her birthday she replys " I. want you to teach me how to shoot like you." My wife said that i couldnt stop smiling for days.
So this past weekend came and her and i went to the range. I only let her shoot small calibers and some wadcutters. Didnt want to give her a flench. She shot 5 different handguns, automatics and wheelguns. She feel in love with my ruger mark 2. That girl went thru a bulk box of 550 rounds. Started her off with basic target shooting. Once she gained alittle confidense, i put out a couple soda cans and ping pong balls for her to shoot. When she got the down, i gave her a lesson in moving targets. I blew up ballons and let the wind blow them across the range. Its amazing how instand satisfaction really helps the learning process. I was sooo PROUD of her!!
The whole time we were there, she showed great paticence, used her mind and asked questions. But most of all she paided attention to the range rules and was always safe. She lives with her mom, so i dont get to see her much or i would have started her off at shooting along time ago, but ha you are never to old to learn how to shoot. Afterwards i let her get some drive time in. Then we went to lunch. All in all, it was a great day!
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