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Default Howdy

Hi everyone.
I was recently introduced to this sight by a friend. I've been lurking and reading for a while and finally joined.
I'd like to give a big THANKS!! to everyone here for you're help and support in 2nd amendment rights here in Kalifornia.
I've been shooting off and on since I was 6yrs old.
Most of my guns are shotguns and hunting rifles I inhereted from my Dad.
I picked up a romanian sks at a gun show in the late 80's, bought an HK USP45 june of this year; and now, thanks to the lot of you, I'm picking up an off list wasr2 this friday. I've got a spot in the rifle case that already holds the cop memo on this sight; is there anything else I should consider/include in order to stay on the right side of the law and avoid confusion?

I've begun loading my own 45's on a Dillon square deal b borrowed from a friend until I can get the cash together for an rl550. I'm blessed to have a friend who's been loading his own for years now, my reloading Sensei, he's very knowledgable.

Now, once I get the rl550, which already went to the back burner once for the wasr2, I'm torn between a high power precision shooter, or an fn fal type.


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