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Originally Posted by Kauf View Post
Hey all,

I've never shot competitively before and I'm interested in getting started in the sport. I have been reading around for required gear and whatnot and I seem to have everything, almost. I don't have a shooting jacket or glove or mat. Are those required to shoot at SMGC matches or more just items that just help but are not necessarily required? I have an M1, empty chamber flag, sling, and am working on getting a spotting scope and ammo of course. I'm only 18 so money is a little tight but I might just make due with binoculars or something for the time being, but is that allowed? Thanks a lot everyone!
Check out Creedmoor Sports and Champions Choice for starters, as far as equipment goes. At Santa Margarita we shoot from 200, 300, and 600 yards, your M1 can easily handle all those distances. At Santa Margarita you will have the best of both worlds, top tier shooters, and people willing to help. You will learn a lot!

I might suggest starting with a 100 yard reduced match, such as the one at Corona Sportsman, or a 200, 300, 600 match up at Burbank Rifle and revolver club. I run a 600 yard match at West End Gun Club if you want to try that.
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