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Good class today. Had a good time. Students were receptive and eager to learn. Can't ask for more than that!

If all the new multigunners are of this caliber, then it looks like the multigun sport has a good future.

It was an honor, shooters. Hope to see y'all at the BARC and the Richmond shotgun and multigun matches this coming year. (Sign-up for the BARC now, as the match is almost full)!!

The January multigun class is filling-up, so if y'all are interested in joining the multigun crowd, then this is the place for you. Good instruction, great club, fantastic will grow!!

I'd like to hear feedback from the shooters who attended today. Did y'all enjoy the classroom instruction? Was it beneficial to you? How were our facilities? Could yall see yourselves growing here? How was the general atmosphere of the club/class? Did you feel comfortable?

See y'all next month at the multigun practice!!!

In Christ: Raymond

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