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Originally Posted by 1985runner View Post
First, I want to introduce myself because this is my first post.
I'm 17 and from the east Sacramento area, besides being interested in guns/hunting i have a 1985 4runner on 35's and i go wheeling up at the Rubicon and Fordyce trail frequently during the summer.

My firearms consist of
Ruger .22 (my dads)
Remington pump action 12 gauge (my dads)
Mosin Nagant with no modifications, hoping to put a Monte Carlo stock on it with a scope eventually (how much weight does the Monte Carlo stock take off the gun?)

And in February 2012 I'll be turning 18 and am hoping to pick up a Yugo SKS or any other semi-auto rifle that can be used to have fun shooting with and as a S.H.T.F. rifle, I'd like to put the SKS in an aftermarket stock that weighs less

Anyone have any suggestions as to where I could go to pick up an SKS around here for a cheap price (or one that's already built). Or any other suggestions as to what other cheap semi-auto rifles i could buy, im hopeing to spend $500 max.
Welcome to the forums! Now to answer your question about SKS or equivalent rifle, you might want to consider a Saiga. You can find them a couple of places for $299, plus some charge shipping, FFL transfer fees and then DROS fees but will still run you less then your $500 price max and generally if you find the right FFL make it cheaper then purchasing it locally.

Keep an eye for them at J&G sales (which at the moment seems to be sold out)

Also keep an eye on the private sales forum here for deals which will save you some tax when doing a PPT.

Once again welcome to the forums and goodluck!
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