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Originally Posted by bug_eyedmonster View Post
Hey guys,

I recently got a CMMG 308 lower. Can anyone tell me more specifics about this? I've been reading here, regarding the mag catch and issues with the bolt catch? Can someone tell me more in detail about these problems? I was also thinking about getting a DPMS (assembled) upper, but it seems my barrel options are limited, unlike my MEGA build. Sorry, I have been working on my 5.56 builds, and just getting back into the .308 world. Thanks in advance, I'll hopefully post u some builds here soon.

When I had the DPMS LPK mag latch installed the Pmags would not stay in consistantly and if the mag was wiggled it would fall out. I purchased the AR-10 mag latch and it worked great with no issues of the Pmag falling out.

I got mine here:

or here:

For mine, the main difference in the two is the ar-10 catch bolt has a slight angle inward. This is what makes it work cause when you place it in the lower and screw it down, it forces the catch to go into the mag slot deeper.
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